Hoover F5900-900 Steam Vac Brush Block for 5-Brush Units

Hoover F5900-900 Steam Vac Brush Block for 5-Brush Units
Hoover F5900-900 Steam Vac Brush Block for 5-Brush Units
Item# 130-707672_A
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Product Description

Hoover Steam Vac F5881-900 Brush Block for 5-Brush Units
Genuine Replacement Brush Block fits the 5-brush units by Hoover
  • Fits Hoover models: F5906900, F5918-900, F5916-911, F5915-900, F5837-050, F5837-900, F5837-950, F5837-960, F5839-900, F5843-900, F5851, F5853-900, F5855, F5857-001, F5857-011, F5857-900, F5857-906, F5857-909, F5857-916, F5857-918, F5857-975, F5857-990, F5858-900, F5858-910, F5858-920, F5858-950, F5859, F5860-900, F5860-950, F5860-990, F5861-900, F5861-990, F5862-900, F5863-900, F5863-990, F5864-900, F5865-900, F5866-900, F5866-920, F5867-900, F5868-900, F5869-900, F5869-960, F5869-990, F5870-900, F5871-900, F5871-950, F5872-900, F5873-900, F5874-900, F5875-900, F5876-900, F5877-900, F5878-900, F5879-900, F5880-900, F5881-900, F5881-950, F5881-990, F5882-900, F5883-900, F5883-960, F5883-990, F5884-900, F5884-980, F5886-900, F5887-900, F5887-910, F5887-920, F5888-900, F5892-900, F5892-950, F5893-900, F5893-910, F5894-900, F5895-900, F5896-950, F5897-900, F5898-900, F5899-900, F5899-910, F5900-900, F5907-900, F5910-900, F5912-900, F6968-916, F5837050, F5837900, F5837950, F5837960, F5839900, F5843900, F5853900, F5857001, F5857011, F5857900, F5857906, F5857909, F5857916, F5857918, F5857975, F5857990, F5858900, F5858910, F5858920, F5858950, F5860900, F5860950, F5860990, F5861900, F5861990, F5862900, F5863900, F5863990, F5864900, F5865900, F5866900, F5866920, F5867900, F5868900, F5869900, F5869960, F5869990, F5870900, F5871900, F5871950, F5872900, F5873900, F5874900, F5875900, F5876900, F5877900, F5878900, F5879900, F5880900, F5881900, F5881950, F5881990, F5882900, F5883900, F5883960, F5883990, F5884900, F5884980, F5886900, F5887900, F5887910, F5887920, F5888900, F5892900, F5892950, F5893900, F5893910, F5894900, F5895900, F5896950, F5897900, F5898900, F5899900, F5899910, F5900900, F5907900, F5910900, F5912900, F6968916, F5918900, F5916911, F5915900, F5906900, FH50045B, F5914900, FH50045, F5891900, F5917900, F5909900
  • Replacement Part Number: 48437022

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