Holmes HM1275 Humidifier Filter HWF-62 Wick

Holmes HM1275 Humidifier Filter HWF-62 Wick
Holmes HM1275 Humidifier Filter HWF-62 Wick
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Product Description

Holmes HM1275 Humidifier Filter HWF-62 Wick
  • Holmes Filter to Fit Halls, White-Westinghouse, and Holmes Models

  • Fits Holmes Evaporative Humidifier models HM1230, HM1245, HM1275, HM1280, HM1285, HM1290, HM1295, HM1296, HM1450, HM1700, HM1740, HM1910, HM2005, HM2025, HM2030, HM1600, HM1760, HM-1230, HM-1245, HM-1275, HM-1280, HM-1285, HM-1290, HM-1295, HM-1296, HM-1450, HM-1700, HM-1740, HM-1910, HM-2005, HM-2025, HM-2030, HM-1600, HM-1760, HM1281, HM1297, HM1450, HM1701, HM1761, HM2408, HM2409

  • Fits Hamilton-Beach humidifier models 05518, 05519

  • Fits White-Westinghouse humidifier models WWH620, WW1600, WWHM1230, WWHM1245, WWHM1280WW, WWHM1290, WWHM1295, HM1285, WWHM1700, WWHM1740, WWHM1910, WWHM2005, WWHM2025, WWHM2030, WWH-620, WW-1600, WWHM-1230, WWHM-1245, WWHM-1280-WW, WWHM-1290, WWHM-1295, HM-1285,WWHM-1700, WWHM-1740, WWHM-1910, WWHM-2005, WWHM-2025, WWHM-2030

  • Fits Halls humidifier models HLS1300, HLS-1300, HLS1400, HLS-1400

  • Holmes part numbers HWF-62, HWF62, HWF 62, H62/85, H-62, H85, H-85, HC-25, HC25, HC 25

  • Approx. Measurements: 9" L X 7/8" W X 4-1/8" H X 5" Diameter

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