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HOW TO CLEAN YOUR EVAPORATIVE HUMIDIFIER: Wipe your humidifier clean with humidifier cleaning solutions like HumidiClean or a weak solution of vinegar and water.

HUMIDIFIER FILTER CARE: Cleaning your filter is not generally effective. Be prepared to simply replace wicks and pads at least twice each winter. To reduce chances of bacteria add a humidifier bacteriostatic treatment to each tank of water used.

Humidity levels will decrease in your home once the heater is turned on through the cold winter months. Comfortable relative humidity levels in a home are between 35% and 50%. Humidifiers add moisture to your home by blowing air (from a fan) through a wet filter. The water in the filter then absorbs and is distributed throughout the room. The filter is a key component in the process of adding humidity, and it is important to change your filter frequently. Some filters need to be changed as soon as 4 weeks, during the winter months. If a filter becomes hardend and discolored, then it has probably absorbed too many minerals and particles, thus decreasing the effectiveness of the humidifier. This is also when they can start collecting bacteria and fungi. Whether you are using a single room humidifier, a whole house (furnace) humidifier, or a cigar humidifier, it is important to maintain and change your filters. By doing this you will ensure that your humidifier is functioning at its full potential, and can actually repel items such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites.

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The humidity in our homes decreases in the winter months when the furnace is turned on for the cool weather season. In order to battle the dry air, we know that the use of a portable or whole-house humidifier moistens the dry air promoting a healthy comfortable environment to live in. One of the most important aspects of a humidifier, whether it's portable or whole-house, is the filter. The filter allows air to circulate through the wetted media trapping particles and adding water supplying clean moist air. has wick humidifier filters that are designed to fit hundreds of different humidifier models. We offer RPS Replacement Filters that are designed to meet or exceed original manufacturer (OEM) filter. We guarantee these filters to fit and function like the original or your money back.