Humidifier Filters for ReliOn

ReliOn Humidifier Filters

ReliOn Humidifiers can relieve cold and flu symptoms, and soothe dry, itchy or chapped skin by replacing dryness with moist air. Dry air is also responsible for the drying and cracking of wood furniture. By replacing your ReliOn cool mist humidifier filters every 4 to 6 weeks, you will add the necessary moisture and repel bacteria, fungi, viruses, and mites.

Filters to fit ReliOn Humidifier models:
RCM832, RH1300, RCM-832, RH-1300, WA8D

Replaces ReliOn Part numbers:
WF813, WF2, WF-813, WF-2, 1173

We also carry Humidifier Chemicals.

ReliOn Humidifier Filter WF813 RCM832 Wick
$9.80, 2/$17.63, 4/$33.31, 12/$94.05
ReliOn Humidifier Filter WF2 for RH1300 by Kaz
$13.07, 2/$23.53, 4/$44.45, 12/$125.51
ReliOn Humidifier Filter 1173 for Model WA8D Wick Sunbeam
$13.07, 2/$23.53, 4/$44.45, 12/$125.51
ReliOn Cool Mist Humidifier Demineralization Cartridge DC-51 for model H-0565-0
$12.32, 2/$22.17, 4/$41.88, 12/$118.25
Relion HWF13 Wick Humidifier Filter RH1300
$11.71, 2/$21.08, 4/$39.82, 12/$112.45
ReliOn DH-830 Wick Humidifier Filter D13C
$9.80, 2/$17.63, 4/$33.31, 12/$94.05
ReliOn DH-832 Wick Humidifier Filter D13C
$9.80, 2/$17.63, 4/$33.31, 12/$94.05